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The Realm of 'Intentional Change.'

It seems that there are two kinds of change…unintentional and intentional.
  Most of us grow comfortable with our routines, our roles, our place in a group or community, our particular church, specific people, and the kind of work we do.
   When unintentional change comes knocking we do not always want to open our door very wide to let it in, but we view it as a part of life.  Sometimes this kind of change means altering our set routines, relationships or even a job that we depend on. It can seep into health issues and cause us to have to do things differently. Diet. Exercise. New territory we might not feel drawn to explore.
    Dealing with these kind of changes are difficult but we either find ways to make it work for the positive, or we suffer through it. Either way, down the road, we go with it and learn something and then adapt. That is one of the incredible capacities of being human.
   Then there is intentional change. When one ‘turns over the apple cart’ so to speak, by initiat…

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